About ABS

Mission ABS makes biomedical research and discovery faster, easier, and more reliable by providing high quality cells and tissues for your research. Cell lines, primary cells and human biospecimens are processed, characterized, and QC’d, according to your specifications, so that you don’t have to. This is accomplished as though ABS is a part of your laboratory, but without diverting your time and resources from your key scientific and business goals.

Biomedical research requires high quality biological reagents. Cells, tissues, and extracts from cells and tissues are critical components of discovery. It is clear that acquiring and processing cells and tissues is an essential prerequisite for biomedical research. It is equally obvious that highly trained and talented researchers should be focusing their time and talents on making new discoveries, not in making biological reagents before they can even begin their research.

When ABS was founded in 1990, outsourcing of cell culture services, human biospecimen acquisitions and related services was a pioneering concept. Now outsourcing of these non-core, but critical, research activities is commonplace; and ABS has the experience and expertise to consistently meet your needs.

Over the years, ABS has grown to provide a wide range of highly reliable products and services. All of these are based upon providing cell and tissues, processing cells and tissues, and characterizing these for biomedical research. This frees researchers to focus on making discoveries not reagents.

Core Business Since its inception in 1990, ABS has focused on providing, processing, and characterizing cells and tissues for biomedical research. We provide cell culture services and human biospecimen, including primary cells, tissues, blood, blood products, and biological fluids along with clinical data.

Unlike many suppliers, ABS can process, QC, and characterize cells and tissues for your research. For example, using either yours or our procedures, we can prepare cellular membranes and other cellular fractions, or purify cell and tissue extracts such as RNA, DNA, and proteins. In addition, ABS offers you an extensive range of cell and tissue characterization options, such as cell line authentication, Mycoplasma and sterility testing, Western analyses, RT-qPCR, genotyping, and immunohistochemistry services. ABS also offers biological laboratory services such as cell and tissue cryostorage and insourcing services for cell culture and biobanking.

Please browse this site to get a better idea of what ABS can do for you. ABS is an extension of your laboratory.