Analytical Biological Services

November 1, 2014 ── ABS announces the launch of ImmunoSecure™.

ImmunoSecure™ is a novel optimized blend of mouse monoclonal antibodies that is used to validate the antigenicity of human tissues in formalin-fixed paraffin embedded slides. It is supplied in a ready to use dropper bottle. With single primary antibody labeling step, a range of common antigens are targeted. The cocktail is applied in lieu of other approaches that use a tissue-specific, single-antigen antibody to validate tissue quality and antigenicity. A positive result with ImmunoSecure™ provides confidence that the sample is properly prepared and antigenic.

ImmunoSecure™ will label most of the tissue if there is high tissue antigenicity and quality. Areas without labeling suggest inadequate fixation. Brown staining in areas without clearly defined morphology can represent areas of necrosis and/or areas of the tissue that may have dried out. In either case, this indicates areas of poor antigenicity. ImmunoSecure™ allows confidence in subsequent analyses for other markers.