Satisfaction Assurance

Quality Assurance Process We know that you want it done right the first time and if there ever are any issues that they are resolved quickly in a way that meets your needs. To prevent any problems or concerns in the first place, we make sure that we clearly understand all of your requirements. Then, we send you a Price Quotation detailing that understanding for your approval. The Price Quotation may also reference or incorporate detailed protocols or Statements of Work, if needed, to complete your order.

After you and ABS have agreed upon the items in Price Quotation, we begin to fulfill your request as soon as we receive a Purchase Order from your organization referencing the Price Quotation. This becomes our working understanding of what we do for you. All experimental data, cell and tissue information, etc. are all recorded in our database, so that our organization stays on track with your requests and orders.

ISO9001:2008 Certification and Quality Standards Our commitment to quality and your satisfaction continues throughout the processing of your order and after your order is delivered.Our immediate communiction and focused attention to your needs is paramount to this process. ABS has received ISO9001:2008 certification for providing cell culture services, human biospecimens, and custom biological reagents and other services for biomedical research. This certification, along with regular internal and external audits of our processes, help us to assure that we follow carefully rigorous quality standards to ensure your satisfaction. These range from instrument calibration and process reviews to checking with our clients to make sure that you really are satisfied.

Guarantee As outlined above, we do our best to make sure that you get what you want and get it done right the first time. However, if there ever are any issues, we know that you don’t want to be concerned about their prompt resolution.Therefore, we guarantee that every item that you receive from ABS and every service that we do for you meets your specifications or it costs you nothing. This means that we will either replace or redo the product or service at our expense or refund any monies that we may have been received for that product or service ─ your choice. Furthermore, we guarantee that any preparation that you routinely perform in your laboratories will be similar when ABS does it for you.

Understandably, we guarantee only for preparations or services that reproducibly work in your laboratory and not for poorly reproducible process in your laboratories or work that this experimental in nature and lacking or reproducible characteristics. That said, ABS has many years’ experience and expertise in R&D and we can assist you with methods development and exploratory research.