Products and Services

All Analytical Biological Services (ABS) products and services, as our name indicates, are focused on biological aspects of research.  ABS provides cell culture services, human biospecimens, and bioreagents from cells and tissues.  The analytical services that we provide are focused on the analysis of cells and tissues, with an emphasis on factors that assure their quality.  These range from Mycoplasma and sterility testing to Western analysis, IHC, and RT-qPCR.

We work with you to help you accomplish your research faster and more reliably.  For example, with our outsourced high capacity cell culture services and cell culture insourcing services, ABS can meet all of your R&D cell culture needs.  Likewise, we can provide normal and disease biospecimens for biomarker and drug discovery research, and our analytical capabilities assure their high quality. 

ABS also processes cells and tissues, providing cell membrane preparations for receptor binding assays and other cell extracts (nuclei, nucleosomes, mitochondria, etc.).  Purified DNA, RNA, proteins, and lysates are available on a custom basis.

Please contact us to discuss specific projects that are designed to meet your needs.