Cell Banking and Storage

ABS offers cell line scale up, cell bank production, and cell storage. Taking advantage of our Cell Store™ concept, we can handle your cell production, maintain inventories, and provide QC; delivering cells and cell extracts to you as needed. Real time online access to your cell inventories and projects is available.

  • Bank Production (Master & Working banks)
  • Vapor phase liquid nitrogen and -80°C sample storage
  • Backup liquid nitrogen supplies
  • 24/7 monitoring with dual alarms and all -80°C freezer
  • Backup Power Generator

For all cell lines that we scale up, ABS routinely stores several low passage sample vials in LN2 at no cost for up to one year. We also offer secure storage of your cells to ensure that your valuable cell lines are safe in case of disaster or storage issues at your site. Please inquire for pricing information.