Cell Culture & Biobank Insourcing

ABS works very closely and collaboratively with our clients.  In special cases, we offer cell culture and biobanking insourcing services, whereby ABS provides highly qualified and trained ABS personnel to work at your facility.  ABS recruits, tests (written and practical), and trains all personnel before sending them to you for final approval.  Then, we handle all HR, supervisory, and benefits issues.  Insourcing may be available for other research positions.  However, we prefer to provide this services for processes that maintain rigorous SOPs and training procedures.

ABS is an experienced cell culture and biospecimen company that provides proven staff for your operations, not a temp agency.  Therefore, we work with organizations that can benefit from or already have a long term relationship with ABS.  We have found that insourcing works particularly well when insourcing is integrated with ABS core services.  For example, ABS insourcing staff at your facility can address immediate and long term baseline needs for cell culture and be supported by our headquarters laboratories to address those occasions when your needs temporarily ramp up.  This provides for a seamless and highly efficient utilization of resources. 

With our Cell Store™ and Biospecimen Store™ concepts, we can provide a combination of ABS staff at your facility and back up services from our facility to grow and bank your cells or provide biobanking and biospecimen collection services as you need in a very flexible manner.  Please contacts us discuss your needs.