Cell QC

ABS offers a variety of cell line quality control assays. These include:

  • Cell Line Authentication - verification of human cell line identity with 16 genetic markers using ABS Cell Barcoding™ service, also provides evidence of the presence or absence of any cross-contamination by other cell types
  • Mycoplasma Testing -using a highly sensitive PCR-based test, Mycoplasma results available within 48 hours
  • Sterility Testing - culture in YM broth to detect the possible presence of bacteria, yeast, and mold
  • Viral Panels - formulated to meet your test requirements

All cells that we grow for our clients routinely undergo Mycoplasma and sterility testing prior to banking or shipment from our facility as part of our cell culture production services. Other tests are available upon request, as well as extensive cell and tissue characterization services.