Cell Culture Services

ABS offers a wide range of cell culture services. These include:

  • Cell Line Scale Up - Large scale production of adherent and mammalian and insect cell lines
  • Ready to Use Cells - Cryopreserve cells in vials can be shipped to you in large quantities
  • Primary Human Cells - Tumors and normal cells are available
  • Cell Storage - Cell are stored in LN2 with backup supply and 24 x 7 alarm monitoring
  • Cell QC - PCR-based Mycoplasma testing, sterility and viral testing, cell line authentication
  • Cell Characterization - Flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, RT-qPCR, Western analyses
  • Transfections - Large scale transient transfections and the development of stable cell lines
  • Custom Bioreagents - Cell membrane preparations and other cell fractions such as mitochondria and cell nuclei, proteins, RNA and DNA

Because of our high capacity, ABS can generally place cells in culture within a day or two of their receipt.  Orders are processed quickly and reliably, enabling you to shift of your focus from cell and/or bioregent production to research. Please inquire to discuss project details and timelines.