Cell Fractions & Extracts

In addition to cell membrane preparations, ABS can isolate and purify cell organelles from either cells or tissues.  Subcellular fractions include:

  • Endoplasmic reticulum
  • Lysosomes
  • Microsomes
  • Mitochondria
  • Nuclei
  • Nucleosomes
  • P1, P2 fractions, etc.
  • Synaptosomes

Purification is typically accomplished using differential centrifugation and discontinuous sucrose gradients.  We can use our standard protocols or follow your procedures.  Some optimization may be required depending upon the cells or tissue that are fractionated. 

The identity and purity of specific fractions can be identified using protein markers and Western Analysis  Localization of protein markers is also possible using immunohistochemistry of tissues or of histogels containing cells or cell organelles. Please contact us to discuss your project.