Many drug targets (e.g., GPCR’s, ion channels) are found in cellular membranes.  ABS makes cell membrane preparations using either your or our protocols.  We can start with cells or tissue samples that you or we provide.  For example, we routinely prepare membranes from billions of transfected cells, primary cells, and tissues such as human cerebral cortex, striatum, heart muscle, liver, etc.

  • Cell homogenization with Polytrons®, Teflon on glass or glass on glass pestles, sonication, or nitrogen cavitation
  • Differential centrifugation
  • Sucrose, Ficoll, Percoll, and other gradients
  • Continuous and discontinuous gradients
  • Large ultra- and high-speed centrifuge capacity to enable high throughput screens
  • We can help design a protocol that meets you needs.

    Please inquire.