Normal and Disease Tissue

High quality normal and disease human tissues are a key component of biomarkers and drug discovery research.  The proper collection and storage of human biospecimens is also essential for the development of personalized medicine treatment strategies.  ABS has decades of experience providing high quality human tissues to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and government laboratories.  Tens of thousands of samples are available from our in-house biorepository and network of collection sites

  • Fresh, frozen, and formalin-fixed paraffin embedded samples available
  • Surgical and postmortem samples
  • Representative diseases include:
    ALS Crohn's Multiple sclerosis
    Alzheimer's Diabetes Ovarian cancers
    Autoimmune Infectious diseases Parkinson's
    Brain cancers Leukemias Prostate cancers
    Breast cancers Liver cancers Sepsis
    Cardiovascular Lung cancers Many others upon request
  • De-identified donor information and pathology reports
  • Blood, blood components, and body fluids
  • Samples collected, QC’d, processed, and stored using stringently controlled SOPs
  • Adherence to all laws and regulations, including appropriate informed consent.

Unlike organizations that only re-vend samples with little or no QC, ABS can fully QC and process your samples according to your specifications.  For example, we offer IHC, flow cytometry, gene and expression analysis.  We can also process your samples providing: RNA, DNA, proteins, membrane preparations, and other bioreagents from human tissue samples.  Please inquire to learn what we can do for you.